The London Dungeon played cupid this Valentine’s as 10 lucky lovers and friends solidified their love in the depth of the Dungeon – with matching nipple piercings!
The daring soulmates switched up a proposal for a commitment of a more exciting kind and received a nipple piercing by celebrity piercers Metal Morphosis, the renowned studio who have pierced the likes of Naomi Campbell and Millie Bobby Brown. As well as a free piercing, the lucky winners got free tickets to the London Dungeon.
This alternative date night activity is rooted in Victorian history – back in the late 1800s nipple piercings were all the rage for aristocrats. Beneath their corsets and capes, they kept a cheeky secret – pierced bosoms. The London Dungeon brought this into the modern day on Saturday 10 February, with 10 soulmates making the most of the opportunity to celebrate their love.
Treasa Sheahan, 27, celebrated her recent commitment of moving from Ireland to London to live with boyfriend Paddy Morton, also 27, with matching piercings. Dara Quinn, 33, and Daniel Flores, 32, partners of five years, also took the piercing plunge and bejewelled their nipples together.
The day was also celebrated by those cherishing their female friendships during the season of ‘Galentine’s’. Best friends of three years Ffion Vann, 23, and Maria Crowter, 22, travelled from Brighton while best girl-friends Lorna Crowther, 22, and Jasmine Wormwald, 21, travelled from Birmingham to unify their friendships with the cheeky activity at the London Dungeon.
A London Dungeon spokesperson said: “We’re thrilled so many couples were able to show their love for each other at the London Dungeon this weekend.

“This Valentine’s, we encourage guests to look for alternative date night activities, whether that’s by committing their love for each other through a nipple piercing or heading down to the depths of the London Dungeon with their significant other!”