London has the highest proportion of people getting less than five hours sleep per night


SOME say it’s priceless but, today, exhausted mums have put a figure on what they believe a good night’s sleep is worth.

According to new research, desperately tired mums say they’d splash out £123 for a single night’s uninterrupted sleep. In London 27% are getting less than five hours, the highest proportion in the country.

That’s almost £45,000 a year and a quarter of a million pounds over the course of five years.

The survey of 2,000 Brits to celebrate the launch of the world’s first personalised pillow service, nanu, revealed that mums are the most sleep deprived of all and, as such, would give up some of life’s little luxuries, for a bit of shuteye.

Almost one in four would wave goodbye to wine, a third would give up chocolate and the same number admit they’d happily go without sex if it meant they could increase their current five hours’ broken sleep a night to the recommended eight.


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