London homeowners report biggest boost in DIY confidence, survey shows


Homeowners in London have seen the largest increase in DIY confidence over the last year, reporting the biggest boost when compared to any other region, a new survey reveals.

The DIY Fulfilment Survey, conducted by Blinds Direct, looks at the nation’s attitudes towards common DIY tasks and our home décor habits, including which tasks we find most satisfying to do ourselves, how much we spend on décor, and which rooms we focus on.

The survey, which included responses from 2,000 UK homeowners, found that almost a third (30%) of Londoners felt more confident in their own abilities after successfully completing their first DIY job.

This means homeowners in the capital could be set to see the biggest improvement in DIY proficiency compared to any other region – with those on the other end of the scale being the North East, the South West and the East Midlands.

As well as seeing the greatest confidence boost, London’s homeowners were also found to be the most receptive to taking on a DIY task themselves in the first place, with over a third (34%) preferring to do so, as opposed to outsourcing to an external provider.

This preference could be due to homeowners looking to keep costs low – with cost coming out as a key concern for many in the region when it comes to redecorating (44%) – or simply wanting to enjoy the fulfilment associated with completing a task alone.

When outsourcing a DIY job, homeowners often have to cover the cost of labour as well as materials, which can make it a far costlier option than taking on a task themselves.

Rather than outsourcing jobs, those that take them on themselves will save money in the long run, which in turn can be used for future home updates and DIY projects to renew living space.

Moral support is also key for those in the capital, as almost a third of respondents are more likely to complete a DIY task themselves when encouraged to do so by friends and family.

After months of improving their own homes, London homeowners also saw an increase in living space satisfaction over the last year, with 24% reporting being happier with their home decor now compared to a year ago.

Darren Green, Managing Director at Blinds Direct, commented, “It’s encouraging to see so many of London’s homeowners more willing to take on DIY jobs in the home. By accepting the challenges of improving their homes, rather than outsourcing them, thousands across the city, and the country, are feeling better in themselves while saving money.

“Whether it’s fitting a wooden blind, painting a wall or building a new desk, we are becoming increasingly confident in our own abilities and this positive effect it has on our happiness reinforces the importance of doing things independently.”