London Law Firm Secures Landmark Ruling for Surrogacy Parental Orders


A London law firm has secured a landmark ruling for Intended Parents of Surrogate children to be granted Parental Orders in the event of a separation.

Prior to the judgement, it was not possible for both Intended Parents to be recognised as the legal parent of a child unless they were a couple but A City Law Firm (ACLF) successfully changed that.

In this particular case, the parties’ child was born in Canada and returned to the UK with the Intended Parents, where they jointly applied for a Parental Order and then unfortunately separated.

A spokesperson for the company told us: “A City Law Firm is extremely pleased to have successfully represented the 1st Respondent in the seminal case of Re N (Surrogacy: Enduring Family Relationship; Child’s home) [2019] EWFC 21, with the highly experienced barristers Ms Deirdre Fottrell Q. C. & Ms Melissa Elsworth of 1GC Family. The teamwork lead to a subtle but important change in the law, that will give greater certainty and protection for both Intended Parents and Surrogates alike.

“The above case paves the way for greater protection, but also highlights the ongoing need for urgent reform of the statute. We will continue to fight for fairness in family law and surrogacy and push for reform where the law lags behind modern day life”.

Months of litigation has resulted in a huge win for A City Law Firm, who are surrogacy law specialists.