London Mayor supports urgent charity campaign #StandTogther


They might seem invisible but women in London are being raped and sexually assaulted right now.

In order to ensure every woman and girl that comes forward can recover from the trauma of sexual violence, Solace Women’s Aid is launching an urgent London-wide campaign, #StandTogether with Naomi, to raise £50,000 for life-saving rape counselling services.

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, said:

“Keeping Londoners safe is my number-one priority but violence against women and girls is on the rise. I want to do everything I can to address this issue and ensure all women and girls in London feel safe – including funding Rape Crisis centres, Sexual Assault Referral Centres and other specialist services across the capital. As a long term support of the work of Solace Women’s Aid, I’m proud to support their #StandTogether campaign and the work they’re doing to support victims of rape and sexual assault.”

There have been over 8,000 rapes and 11,000 sexual assaults reported in London in the last year, a shocking increase of almost 20%.

Statistics are important but they don’t begin to tell you of the trauma, devastation and the psychological pain that rape and sexual assault victims experience. Without help some women end up self-harming and feel like ending it all.

Women like Naomi, who was raped by a colleague. Luckily Naomi found Solace and had life-saving counselling sessions to help her recover from the horrific attack. Another survivor said:

“In my final year of university my world stopped. I was brutally and horrifically sexually assaulted. Solace is a charity who helped save me from drowning in an unspoken world, a lonely dreadful place.”