London Named Busiest City in Europe for Business Aviation


London has been a global commerce hub for centuries – and it continues to attract leading investors and business owners today. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that it’s been named the busiest city in Europe for business aviation. So, why is this? Let’s explore here…

Visiting on business

Why is London the busiest city for European business air travel? Put simply, it’s largely down to the fact that it attracts the highest number of professional fliers in Europe, as revealed in the 2019 Global Cities Report conducted by A.T. Kearney. According to the report, the city draws in the largest volume of entrepreneurs and investors in both Europe and the world in 2018, despite uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

As the UK is considered across the globe to be a leading hub for fintech (financial technology), its popularity among business owners is likely to continue into the future. And how do most professionals reach the British capital? By flying, of course.

Busy private jet airports

Another key reason for London being the number one hot spot for business aviation in Europe is that it boasts three of the busiest private jet airports on the continent: Luton, Farnborough and Biggin Hill. In 2018, London Luton airport flew almost 17 million passengers to their chosen destination. With plans to further expand services in 2020, the company may very well continue to grow its client base in the future.

Their shared emphasis on luxury air travel means that Farnborough and Biggin Hill won’t be far behind in visitor numbers. As London grows into an even bigger business hub, so most likely will opportunities for private air travel to and from the city.

Premium aircrafts on offer

London is the home of many leading industries, from Rolls Royce to the Royal Mail. And so, it’s unsurprising that scores of CEOs and entrepreneurs flock here every year. In addition to business opportunities, the capital also offers high quality flying experiences for professionals, whether you’re travelling within a group or by yourself.

Its various airports, for example, offer premium aircrafts for those wanting to fly privately. Comprising a spacious interior and excellent facilities, a private airplane provides comfort to its passengers. Designed to aid relaxation, private fliers can often avoid jetlag, too – a perk that usually appeals to professional travellers. Private jet hire is a leading reason for London being the most popular city for business aviation in Europe.

London is a huge centre for busy, so it’s small wonder that it has been named the busiest city for aviation in Europe. Given that its main companies and firms are set to grow, it may very well hold onto the this title.