LONDON OFFICES: How do London’s tallest office buildings stack up on Instagram?

  • 30 St Mary Axe – “The Gherkin” – is the most popular London office on Instagram
  • 25 Canada Square – “Citigroup Tower” – is the least popular London office on Instagram
  • 22 Bishopsgate, the tallest tower at the heart of the financial district, is one of the least photogenic

The Gherkin has been snapped 80,945 times on Instagram, almost 60,000 ahead of NatWest Tower

From “The Cheesegrater” to “The Gherkin”, London is home to some of the most iconic offices in the world.

Setting up business at an iconic address is not only a great investment but a sure-fire way to make an impression.

But today it isn’t enough to make an impression in name and location alone; to be iconic, you need to make it on Instagram too.

To uncover which London office building is worthy of iconic status in today’s digital age…

Commercial property experts took 10 office buildings breaching the London skyline and compared them with the number of times they have been snapped on Instagram*.

It may come as no surprise that 30 St Mary Axe – “The Gherkin” – is the most popular London office on Instagram. Though the building is one of the smallest in the selection, standing at 590 feet, it is one of the most instantly recognisable and perfect for the ‘gram’.

In fact, the location is currently supported by 80,945 hashtags on Instagram; almost 60,000 ahead of Tower 42 – “NatWest Tower” – in second place (21,354 Instagram hashtags.)

Thirdly is One Canada Square in Canary Wharf. At 771 feet, the office is among the tallest breaching London’s skyline and, at 10,455 Instagram hashtags, it’s one of the most photogenic too.

HOWEVER, some of London’s tallest office buildings, such as 22 Bishopsgate and 110 Bishopsgate, pale in comparison.

At 912 feet, 22 Bishopsgate is the tallest tower at the heart of the financial district. Although, its magnitude isn’t matched on Instagram, totalling just 2,019 snaps.

The least popular London office on Instagram is 25 Canada Square – “Citigroup Tower.” This location holds just 450 hashtags on Instagram; hundreds and thousands fewer than the other offices featured.


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