London ranked the 4th best brunch hotspot in the world!


The heavenly combination of breakfast and lunch, known fondly around the world as ‘brunch’, is a phenomenon that has risen in popularity over the years. It’s become an event, with iterations of the meal popping up in countless restaurants, all with their own unique selling point. But what’s the best city in the world to munch on brunch?

A new study by has revealed the best ‘brunch capitals’ around the world, looking at TripAdvisor data for the number of brunch spots and amount of excellent reviews, alongside the demand for brunch spots in each city.

London takes first place as the UK’s brunch capital and ranks 4th in the world 

London takes the crown as the best brunch hotspot in the UK, beating its fellow cities Leeds, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham.

26.64% of restaurants in London serve brunch and have an average rating of 4.16 out of 5. Out of all the reviews, 51.13% are ‘excellent’, compared to the 6.36% that are terrible.

As well as killing the brunch game in the UK, London makes it in the top 5 brunch capitals worldwide, overall ranking 4th place! Meanwhile, Leeds ranks 10th place, Bristol ranks 15th, Manchester ranks 16th and Birmingham ranks 21st in the world.

No. City Brunch searches Best brunch searches Venues Serving brunch 5 star review      Total */100
London 20,210 12,100 16,752 4,462 4.16 65.4
2 Leeds 1,040 720 1,548 451 4.26 55.8
3 Bristol 1,600 1,300 1,212 345 4.27 52.9
4 Manchester 3,420 1,900 1,951 442 4.17 52.5
5 Birmingham 5,340 1,300 1,732 405 4.13 44.2