London record label Dirty Water Records heads to the US!


by Jacqui Tucker

London record label Dirty Water Records has agreed licensing terms with the new, independent, US label Dirty Water Records USA. 

This will make the UK label’s catalogue more readily available stateside, enable Dirty Water Records USA to release and promote its own product under the Dirty Water Records brand, and create a transatlantic partnership to work together to continue enabling the music we all love and to give all our fans the least expensive option to harass their neighbours with their loud rock’n’roll records

The London-based record label has been growing rapidly over the past few years, its irreverent, raucous brand of garage rock picking up new fans with each new release. Founded in 2004 by club DJ and club promoter PJ Crittenden (who ran the now infamous Dirty Water Club.

The label started off doing small run releases for friends’ bands and quickly developed into a full-on record label, riding the wave of the near legendary North London club night that is notorious for its many gigs that have gone down in history, celebrity regulars, and wild DJ stomp parties that continue to rage on after more than 20 years.