London Shopping Centre Illuminates Local Community with Installation of Supersized SAD Lamp


A supersized SAD lamp will be installed in London Designer Outlet (LDO), based in Wembley Park, in response to recent findings by YouGov[ii] highlighting a 14% decline in the nation’s mood since the summer months, signalling a need for uplifting measures amidst the darker days.

With Brits anticipation for brighter mornings and longer evenings, and happiness plummeting by 21%[iii] in London since the beginning of the year, LDO is determined to infuse a sense of brightness in the community.

The installation of a supersized SAD lamp is part of the centre’s initiative to bring light, warmth and joy to its shoppers and residents grappling with the winter blues.

Aimed at combating the pervasive effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during a particularly dull February in the UK, where sunlight averages only 80 hours throughout month[iv], and over half (56%) of adults admit their mood tends to be worse during the winter[v]; the lamp emerges as a beacon of light.

Strategically positioned in the heart of Wembley, it mimics natural sunlight and provides a visual remedy during these shorter days.
Michelle D’Vaz-Plant, Head of Marketing at LDO, commented, “This initiative is about more than just brightening up the physical space; it’s about uplifting the community’s spirits during these challenging winter months. The SAD lamp offers a tangible solution to combat the effects of reduced sunlight exposure, providing warmth and joy to our shoppers and community. “Retail therapy” has become a modern cliché and yet it is backed by scientific evidence showing that bagging a bargain can contribute to your well-being.”

LDO aims to infuse a sense of wonder and joy into the hearts of the community during these challenging winter months, and the joy doesn’t stop there. LDO is an open-air shopping centre which exposes visitors to natural light and fresh air which can positively impact the well-being of shoppers, enhance mood and boost energy levels.

In addition, levels of dopamine can rise sharply even when window shopping, and it can have a lasting positive impact on mood owing to the sense of control, explains Consumer Psychologist Kate Nightingale.
Kate says, “Buying a product on a deal makes you feel victorious and what is truly powerful about bagging a deal is the sense of accomplishment that comes with it”. Shopping releases mood-lifting endorphins, boosts your immune system, and in turn helps to tackle the effects of SAD.

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