London was selected as being the best UK city in nationwide study


London, UK. Lifecake, a visual storytelling platform for childhood photos and videos, conducted a survey of 2,000 people, to gauge the evolution of modern family life in the UK today. Lifecake’s findings centre around how Britons’ changing perceptions of the typical nuclear family, particularly with regards to LGBT-parenting, working parents and gender-neutral parenting.

Key findings:

Fewer men than women believe that the workplace has improved for working parents. Greater flexibility from employers is necessary.
70% of men and 65% of women agree that men are taking a more active role in parenting than a decade ago.
The UK is seen as the most supportive country of LGBT families, with 75% of respondents declaring it the best place for LGBT parents to live.
London was selected as being the best UK city, followed by Brighton, Manchester and Oxford, with Bradford and Belfast coming in last.
42% of young people are in favour of gender-neutral parenting.

Changing work patterns for women and men, an increase in LGBT marriages and adoptions, rapid technological advances and the rising cost of living have all shifted the state of the nuclear family unit over the past decade.