Most Londoners want the May election for mayor to be carried out by postal vote only, saying it would make them feel safer in the midst of the pandemic.

New independent research across all 32 London boroughs shows that 59 per cent of Londoners would prefer the elections to be declared postal-only, with only 19 per cent opposing the idea.

An overwhelming 70 per cent of voters across the capital would feel safer with a postal vote on May 6, while only around a third (35 per cent) would feel safe voting in person.

The independent research, which polled more than 2,000 Londoners aged 18+, also reveals that 43 per cent say voting in person is not safe – and 51 per cent of women reveal they would not feel safe casting their vote in person.

The call for postal-voting only is highest in Newham and Sutton, where 80 per cent say it’s the safest option, followed Havering (73 per cent), Islington (72 per cent) and Croydon (71 per cent) [full borough breakdowns below].

Businessman and London mayor second favourite Brian Rose, who commissioned the independent research, said: “The Government should be doing all it can to ensure May elections go ahead whatever happens with Covid – and that means declaring them to be postal-vote only.

“That way, all candidates know where they stand, all voters have a chance to ensure they can participate safely, and our democracy will continue to function as it should.

“It is important to understand Londoners’ views, which is why we commissioned this independent research. We still have time to prepare for this – what must be avoided is yet another situation in which the PM prevaricates until the last minute and then chaos ensues. A postal vote promotes democracy and protects public health.”