London’s City Farms and Community Gardens celebrate 20 years of the London Harvest Festival


The 20th London Harvest Festival will be held at Woodlands Farm near Greenwich on Saturday 29th September 2018, 10am – 5pm.

London has an amazing outdoor heritage with 17 farms and over 2,000 community gardens delivering services and community development to hundreds of thousands in London and the surrounding areas.  The London Harvest Festival celebrates this work and honours the volunteers, including many children and young people, of London’s community gardens and city farms. The festival is organised by a long-standing partnership of London’s farms and community gardens, this year celebrating a 20-year milestone of voluntary effort and community engagement.

To mark the 20th anniversary the festival is moving to the heart of historic London.  Previously held on the grounds of Capel Manor College, the London Harvest Festival will now rotate between London’s city farms, enabling an even wider audience to experience these valuable, beautiful, welcoming spaces, and the work that happens within them.

Over 30 city farms and community gardens will participate in the festival, which features everything from awards for best cow, horse, donkey, duck and small furry animals, to hand-forged medals for young volunteer farmers, prizes for London-grown displays, delicious local food, and ‘have a go’ activities from pottery to apple-pressing and blacksmithing to flower-jewellery.

So, whether you are interested in champion chutneys, fragrant flowers, beating the drum for traditional crafts, glamorous goats, rare breed beasts, clucking chickens, the herding of geese, or simply wish to enjoy tea and cake in this stunning 89-acre working city farm – London Harvest Festival has something for you.

London’s farms and community gardens are important for biodiversity and air quality; and make our city beautiful. They are also vital to volunteering and the well-being of Londoners, providing services from playcentres to training and apprenticeships, to the ‘care’ and recovery provided by care farms, to cultural and arts events, alongside practical farming and gardening opportunities that open people’s horizons and bring communities together.