London’s Vainest Borough Revealed


Chipex, a pioneer in the development of paint-repair kits, has recently released research that indicates which region cares the most about paint damage to their cars. The study, which breaks down orders into car make and colour, gives insight into which regions are most likely to buy a DIY paint repair kit.

Who cares the most about paint damage to their car?

According to the recent Chipex Study Essex is the vainest region when it comes to making repairs to their car paintwork, with the most orders of DIY touch up paint. Essex topped the charts when it came to BMW and Ford owners, however other regions weren’t far behind when it comes to BMW models.

When ranked by brand, it appears that BMW owners up and down the country care the most about touching up any paintwork issues on their car. BMW owners in Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire, Lancashire, the West Midlands and Cheshire come a close second when it comes to the number of orders placed. In fact, the only brand to make the top 10 other than BMW was Ford.

Which colour cars are likely to be repaired?

Chipex provides kits for the repair of scratches and paint damage on any car colour with the exact match car colour finder, so there are over 100,000 colour to choose from. Of all of these options, Blue tops the charts – appearing 5 times across the top 10 in regions like Kent, Hampshire and London.

Although Blue is more of a surprise entry, Black is the second most likely colour that people choose, with 3 entries in the top 10 in regions like London and Surrey. The top 20 also consistently features the colour Black as well as Grey and White.

Chipex offers a variety of high-quality paint repair kits, alongside premium car-care products like stain removers and car shampoos.