Luisa Porritt: Back our big ideas to Take London Forward


In the final day of campaigning before voters head to the polls, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London Luisa Porritt has urged voters to back her party’s big ideas to ‘Take London Forward’.

In a sign of the party’s strength in the capital, Porritt will be joined today on the campaign trail by Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Ed Davey in the Lib Dem stronghold of South West London tomorrow.

Porritt has put the capital’s recovery from the pandemic at the heart of her campaign and put forward big ideas, including:

  • Reinventing local high streets with new uses like shared working spaces
  • Converting soon-to-be empty office spaces into quality, affordable homes
  • Cleaning up London’s air with a fairer, pay-as-you-go road pricing system
  • Introducing a new four-day Flexible Travelcard for the modern commuter

With the Conservatives on course for their worst ever result in London, Porritt says that the Liberal Democrats are on course for their ‘best result in over a decade’.

She is urging voters to seize the opportunity to establish the Liberal Democrats as the ‘new challenger’ to Labour in the city.

Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, said: 

“Jobs. Homes. Clean Air. These are three basic needs of Londoners – and we have been let down on all three. With no record to speak of and no plan for the future, Sadiq Khan has fought this election on the basis he is not the Conservative candidate. Londoners deserve better.

“The Liberal Democrats are strong in London. We are the only party putting forward big ideas for London’s future. From reinventing the high street, to converting empty offices to homes, to a new four-day flexible travelcard. If you want to make these big ideas a reality, vote for them.

“London is a vibrant, diverse, liberal city. Since inflicting Brexit on us, the Conservatives have blown their chances of winning here. They don’t reflect our values. The Tory candidate is miles behind the current Mayor and voters are looking for a new challenger to Labour in the capital.

“The Liberal Democrats are ready to be that progressive challenger. Here in London we run councils, elect MPs and, in stark contrast to the Tories, are on course for our best result at City Hall in over a decade.

“So if you feel let down by Labour and know the Tories don’t represent London’s values – send them both a message.

“Tell them you want something better for our city. Vote for a plan full of big ideas to Take London Forward. Vote Liberal Democrat on all three ballot papers this Thursday.”