Mayor of London challenger Luisa Porritt unveils plan to Take London Forward

Luisa Porritt

Mayor of London challenger Luisa Porritt will today launch the Liberal Democrat plan to Take London Forward.

In a speech marking the formal launch of her campaign, the Liberal Democrat candidate will say that “there’s space for a new challenger” to Sadiq Khan in light of the disastrous Conservative campaign.

On her plan to Take London Forward, she will say:

“Jobs. Homes. Clean Air. Those are three basic needs – and we’re being let down on all three. My plan to Take London Forward will give Londoners what they need so that every person can thrive in our recovery.”

On the Clapham Common vigil, Porritt says:

“From start to finish, the Metropolitan Police got it horribly wrong and that’s why the Commissioner must go. I will not let this become another conversation we have and then move on from.”

In a new policy announcement, she says of her plan to create a London Housing Company:

“No more desperate deals with developers or selling off public land for someone else’s benefit. The London Housing Company will take control of building the homes we need directly.”

In further details, she reveals one of the first tasks of the London Housing Company will be to commission a study on the potential to convert offices into homes:

“In the coming years, we’ll have more empty office space come onto the market than ever before. This is a generational opportunity. We must seize the agenda and challenge ourselves to convert these spaces into quality, affordable, zero-carbon homes.”