Meet Adam Hough, The brand ambassador behind one of the world’s biggest HipHop festivals – Rolling Loud


1. You grew up in Nashville, the ‘Music City’. Tell us about what it was like and how the culture influenced you as a teen.
Growing up in Nashville definitely initiated my love for music from a young age. I grew up listening to country, rock, electronic, and rap. Music is in my culture as it is for many people in Nashville. I have always loved going to shows and concerts as a kid not just for The music but for the social aspect. I would look forward to getting all my friends together and see them bond through music. Nashville has some very special music venues.

Actually, The smaller venues like limelight and mercy lounge had the most intimate concerts in the sense that people felt they were a part of the show. The performances in Nashville are special. Its not only about the songs. The energy, the love, the talent, and the interaction with the artists is what makes Nashville known as music city.

2. How does the scene in Florida compare to Nashville? Is there talk of bringing Rolling Loud Nashville anytime soon?
While Florida is more diverse in its people, Nashville has a more diverse music culture. Nashville is a place people go to start a career in the music industry whereas Florida is where they go once they have an established career in music. Rolling loud created a platform for up and coming artists to get exposure which is something Florida had never really had before.

We are bringing rolling loud to many more cities. I love connecting people from all over the world. I do hope to one day bring Rolling Loud in my hometown.

3. It must be thrilling to be involved in the biggest hip hop festival in the world. How did you meet Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif and did you come to work with them?
Being involved in this festival is exciting. Rolling Loud has become my passion after my involvement. I met Matt at a concert who then introduced me to Tariq. We instantly got along because of our similar interests and backgrounds. I believed in Matt and Tariq, their vision, and wanted to help them build a brand. They noticed my passion, my connections, and my work ethic. Working together came naturally after the friendship developed.

4. I feel like Hip Hop music and culture is at the forefront of everything right now – how does that affect your role as Brand Ambassador for Rolling Loud?
Hip Hop culture is definitely expanding more than ever. I am taking full advantage of this growth and using it to help promote the rolling loud brand. I believe that rolling loud actually helped bring hip hop music to the forefront because it was one of the first hip hop music festivals. It helped people recognize that this music really brings people together and creates a family.

5. What partnerships are you most excited about?
I am most excited about our partnership with Liv. As many people know, I enjoy socializing and partying. Liv is one of the best night clubs in the world and I am looking forward to taking our artists and our fans there to show them a good time.

6. I imagine working in night clubs and bottle service at Rolling Loud comes with quite a lifestyle, how do you separate business from fun?
There is a fine line between business and fun when part of my role in Rolling Loud is to have fun. Through my fun times, I have actually made many business connections. I can’t say that I completely separate business and fun. I bring fun into business which is a huge part of my success.

7. Rolling Loud has grown so quickly – multiple dates across the USA and now international shows in Australia, Hong Kong, and talks of shows in Europe. How does your approach differ in each city?
We cater to our fans and audience. With that said, we find local talent in other countries and give them the opportunity to perform. In Australia, for example, we booked Kid Laroi and that was a huge success. There’s a lot of research and planning involved. We definitely don’t go in blindly.

8. Have you had a favourite show so far?
It’s hard to pick a favorite because every year was very special to me. My absolute favorite Rolling Loud was Year 4 in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium. It was a huge success and it was a representation of all our hard work paying off. My whole family and friends flew in from Nashville. I felt complete and a huge sense of accomplishment seeing how far we came.

9. What’s in the pipeline for you? Can you tell us about any partnerships and influencer collabs coming up?
I have lots of exciting news to announce in 2021. We are going above and beyond to make sure we come back stronger than ever. This year has been all about learning to adapt and overcoming obstacles. With that said, you will be seeing lots of new partnerships and collabs coming up in the near future. Stay tuned.

10. Covid has obviously been a huge set back for all of us, I know there was a show post- poned to 2021. How has it been navigating the pandemic and how has that affected your work?
Obviously this pandemic has affected the entertainment industry immensely. Rolling Loud is about bringing people Together through music. Covid stopped us from doing that in 2020. It was very disappointing because a lot of planning, booking, and hours of work go into each show. However, we will adapt and make up for it in 2021. We have never let any obstacles hold us back instead make us that much more resilient.