Meet Andrew Twambley, the CEO of the largest lawyers marketing consortium in the UK


Anyone who may have heard of Andrew Twambley may be aware that he is a Manchester based solicitor, but would they fail to realise is that he is CEO of the largest lawyers marketing consortium in the UK .

They certainly would not detect that by night, he loses the pin stripe and photographs some of the world’s leading rock stars and reverts back to his mid 70s identity of a punk rocker.

Andrew qualified as a lawyer way back in 1981 and fought through the ranks of property, crime, family until he landed in injury litigation in the mid 90s. After grasping that calling by the scruff of the neck he orchestrated the most important case in injury/insurance litigation, via a case called Callery v Gray, which ended in victory in The House of Lords in 2001. That was a victory for the little guy against the might and bottomless pockets of the insurance industry.

From there he had the idea of setting up a legitimate way of gathering claims via TV advertising, and in 2003 InjuryLawyers4u was formed. In 2005 The BBC made a 6 part TV documentary about him and his firm, called “No Win No fee”.

In 2013 he received The Lifetime Achievement Award at The Claims Innovation Awards and in 2016 another Lifetime Achievement Award at the Modern Claims Awards.

In 2016 Twambley became a director and spokesperson for Access2Justice, a voluntary body set up to protect the rights of the individual against the Government Reforms which were intended to remove access to justice from individuals in this country.

Andrew has always been a music lover and a photographer. In 2015 he combined both these passions by contracting with The Academy Music Group and becoming house photographer at The O2 Ritz in Manchester. That lead to appointments with various online music magazines which now keeps him busy shooting all sorts of musical acts throughout the UK.