Meet Dr. Abeer Fahim: The Author who Writes Inspirational Letters to Her Followers


Women around the world are tuning in to a powerful inspirational voice— the voice of Dr. Abeer Fahim, an Assistant Professor of English at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic in the UAE, public speaker and writer who has been dropping nuggets of wisdom and inspiration through various social media platforms.

Dr. Fahim’s social media pages bring inspiration to people around the world, many who wait anxiously for each new post. On Instagram she has amassed over 32, 000 followers while on Facebook she has over 150,000 followers across her accounts and hundreds of thousands of likes all of which combine to deliver one message— Dr. Fahim is a popular social-media figure.

Most recently, in response to the many requests from readers to write something personalized to them, Dr. Fahim has started writing letters to her readers. One reader, appreciative of Dr. Fahim’s letter, wrote:  Thank you so much for the beautiful letter you wrote to me. Your words and understanding brought me much strength, hope, and serenity. Your words bring so much comfort and you are a beacon of light to many and it’s lovely that you want to help others across the world who may need it. Thank you for taking the time to write my letter and thank you for taking the time to help others.”

On writing letters to her followers, Dr. Fahim describes the process as an honor: “Readers and followers have been asking me to write personalized letters for them. Some ask for letters to inspire them to be more patient, others ask for letters to inspire them to let go. I am truly fortunate to be asked to do this for my readers. My letters are a mixture of poetry, my experiences, and some of my quotes. When I write a letter, I do so mindfully. I dedicate that moment entirely to writing a heart-felt message to the reader who needs it. I receive messages almost every day requesting these letters, and I’ve been trying to write two a week. I do this because I truly care about my readers and followers. All I want is for them to know that they are not alone.”

Women who need help with improving their levels of self-esteem and self-worth will find helpful solutions and guides on Dr. Fahim’s digital platforms. This is because Dr. Fahim uses her digital platforms to inspire women to develop and maintain high levels of self- worth, rise above circumstances, discover their inner strength and reach for their goals—all through the power of literature.

One such campaign was delivered via Facebook and ran for seven days in the month of November 2018. The campaign was entitled ‘ Your Seven Days to Letting Go’ and took the form of audio clips in which Dr. Fahim shared poignant messages and writing with women struggling to let go of hurt, pain disappointment and other negative experiences and circumstances. Hundreds of people responded— people who had a deep hunger for the type of inspiration provided by Dr. Fahim.

Words to Live By Courtesy of Dr. Fahim

Another remarkable gift presented to the world by Dr. Fahim is entitled ‘Her Seven Days in Bali’. In this novel, she shares the fictional life of a woman who rises above it all after having been blindsided and devastated by divorce. The book, which has been published on Amazon, has been reeling in rave reviews.

On Amazon one reader calls the book ‘self help in a story’ while another calls it ‘amazing’.  Others label it as a ‘page turner’ and ‘an incredible’ piece of work. Given these rave reviews it is easy to see why the book has attracted a growing book club populated by ardent fans of the writer and the novel.

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Fahim is an accomplished author.  After all, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s degree in English Literary Studies and a PHD in American Literature from Durham University, England. Additionally, she has had a natural inclination and knack for words since her early years.

Dr. Fahim’s appeal will not wane because not only is she extremely talented, but she also has a deep conviction that spurs her on in the journey to helping others.