Meet Healer, Mother, Animal Lover and author Delia Keane


Delia Keane

(Healer, Mother, Animal Lover, author of three books and much more)

There lies a gem, hidden in Dublin, in the humble town of Ireland. Delia Keane, mother of a beautiful girl Savannah, a person who has a heart of gold and a lot to offer to this world. Her selflessness reflects like a glow on her face.

She is a true humanitarian and believes in leaving a positive mark on this universe, spreading her gift of positivity and healing. Also, aspire the generations to come how to be giving and positive in their lives, through hardships, through troubles.

Indeed, that’s her life’s ambition to give back maximum to this universe and its dwellers. Notably, she is truly gifted with insight. She can help people cope with fears and impediments that hold them back in life.

With her talent, she helps people elevate and cherish life and achieve their goals; indeed, she is a healer. Around three years back, she crossed her forty; of course, a big reason for her self-realization is time, experience, and reflections of life.

She radiates of this aura, a very positive vibe, which not only makes it very easy for anyone to open up to her but also, it becomes exceptionally effortless for her to figure out the root cause and help the person in return by liberating them with self-healing and self-realization.

The time I spent with her was a great three weeks of my life. She not only helped me understand the elements and demons that were hampering me to develop as a human and live a better life.

But also, she made me the trojan against those elements myself to be able to fight them myself, come out victorious, and never be dependent. The change in me is evident, and I will continue to take this positive energy to this day.

A true genius. Why? Because not only Delia Keane only aims to help people, she helps them understand there is a problem deeply rooted, that needs addressing. To become the master of that problem and not that problem, we the master of ourselves.


Her charm is primarily the natural insight, but years of knowledge, and work she has acquired the understanding of the magic of food and herb that can bring a massive transformation in anyone’s life.

With years of study and work, she has discovered some foods and herbs that help you heal and make the process a lot faster and easier. She believes that change comes from within, your soul and your gut, and a healthy gut is a happy being.

Humans are a combination of body and soul, heal one segment, and leave the other will throw them off balance. Surely, Delia Keane believes, to heal both the segments, for successful detoxification.

Although being a working woman and a mother, she has enough on her plate, but she believes the gift that lies within her, the gift that she has, it has to be given back to the universe, and helping even a single soul, makes her life even more worth living.

Not only is she an amazing mother, healer, emphatic, animal lover, but she is a person of so many talents. Her latest passion is graphic design. Moreover, she is an author of three books, The Sorceress and Lets’ get baked.

In her third book, The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious is truly a gift. The books explain in great detail how our subconscious mind works and what imprints it takes from our routine. And how those minuscule imprints affect our mind negatively and positively.

In this book, she explains the art of controlling your subconscious, always taking in positive energy and how to use it for your mental and physical well-being.

Just like it explains in the book, similarly, she wants to help people get attuned to their spirit. Once a person is attuned to its spirit, a person has found its core. And there can be no perfect feeling than finding your core.

And once it’s achieved, you can channel all the energies in healing yourself from all the setbacks that you may have developed in your spirit and your soul. She sees in herself how spirituality has helped achieve center and calmness in life.

She understands the stigma, the feeling of incompleteness; hence she wants to give her knowledge, helping people learn and free themselves. The process involves Herbs, Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Metaphysics, Movement, Euphoric Vibrational Toneology.

Through her vast knowledge of spirituality and various ways to heal it, she helps people heal them through spiritual metaphysics and vibration magnetism. With these skills, she raises people out of their black holes.

The black hole of regrets, lies, disappointments, resentment, and self-loathing. While these can eat up anyone and restrain them from progressing and gradually, stop them from living at all. These people merely become the shadows.

She helps people realize the problem that may be harming their body and soul, but also, she helps the person enabler. She enables the person to address the problem themselves, and also with her skill, she brings the person to alter the inner energy.

When the inner energy is altered, and the person sees the real value of everything, of life, and themself. With her energy, she helps them realize the self-worth and how to take only good from their daily routine.

When subconsciously, your mind will only eat healthily, your body and soul will automatically become the reflection—the healthy and free soul.

This is her sole aim of life, to help people through her Euphoric Vibration Magnetism, her insight, and her positivity. To pass these all to where she goes and whoever she comes across.

While it may sound effortless, but this insight developed with a lot of hard work, she traveled a lot, met many people, and learned from many experts. The need to learn, the thirst to help was so great; it took her to places to help understand how to help people with correct knowledge.

In this process, she met many great people, learned a lot of languages, learned modesty, and minimalism in life. She aims to pass this on to her daughter Savannah and enable her to be a better human and leave a better footprint on the earth, just like her mother.

Imagine if we had some more of Delia Keane in this world, this world would be a harmonious and a better place to be.