Meet Josh Wheeler- The man behind @Godsbleach


Godsbleach is a name many are familiar with. Asking around you have most likely heard about the Instagram handle. But who is the face behind the hype?

Josh Wheeler the internet sensation has built a huge following on the popular social networking site ‘Instagram’. Boasting over 600k followers, he has quite the influence both locally and but globally. With avid fans spanning several continents he has built quite the business out of what began as a little fun.

Just over two years ago, local schoolboy Josh Wheeler, then 15, set up the Instagram page that would soon become so influential. It began as a hobby where he could upload content he found amusing himself.

Soon however he began to be recognised worldwide growing his account to a number 16 times his home town. He branded his page with his name (Josh Wheeler) and has become heavily influential to the local and global community on Instagram

As Josh wheeler began to grow the brand. Followers gained fast and with popularity came extra pressure. From that pressure he managed to expand his brand to many other things including inventing and publishing a store selling metal straws to help the environment


When we reached out to him about how he views it. He stated ‘Godsbleach has been a massive part of my life. It is my passion and I am extremely privileged such a huge audience can benefit from it. It has its ups and downs, any position of fame comes with negative attention etcetera – but the ups definitely make up for it, I’ve used the brand to engage followers not only with the memes but with me as well and as said by many of my followers, they follow my personal and my account as it isn’t just the memes that they enjoy’

Walking around with Josh, I am struck by how normal his life is. Despite many people on the street recognising him, he still remains close with his family and friends.

Not only does he have considerable influence over a huge following, but he has managed to make a business out of the page. With many celebrities including Eminem, Yung Gravy and many more wanting to befriend josh as well as use of the platform for advertising purposes, he has made tens of thousands from paid promotions.

Overall, not only has Josh managed to balance GCSEs, time with friends and family, a massive meme page and being arguably the most famous person to live in Knaresborough right now, he has finessed it.