Meet one of the most famous faces of the Notting Hill Carnival


London based celebrity personal trainer, Julianna Campos has become an institution when it comes to London’s very own carnival.

Being a Brazilian based in London, and part time in the Middle East as well, it is no surprise that she would get involved in this annual world renowned celebration.

This fitness guru shows how being healthy is a way of life with no age barrier, working out with her single-raised daughter of 9 years old.

Juliana uses different techniques amongst which Pilates and Dance.

She has a very unique way of training that she likes to describe as Brazilian style workout. Her workouts aim at toning the whole body, burning fat and getting an amazing back side.

No pain no gain

The workouts have been designed for a 45 minutes’ time frame and uses ankle weights.

The very intense session is what would get her clients the best results to tone up their booty before having to fit in your jeans or that dress you’ve been wanting to rock for a while.

Juliana’s advice is to try and do your best whilst working out and not waste time doing something that doesn’t suit you.

The whole concept of the Brazilian style workout is to have fun whilst working out hence why she includes dance moves and most importantly Brazilian music.

The personal trainer has been taking part every year in the Notting Hill Carnival where she is one of the Carnaval’s Queens.

She believes that “to be a samba dancer you need to look good, sure; but most importantly you need to be confident and be very HOT”.


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