Let’s face it.  Not all photography is art.  And not all photographers are created equal.  Celebrity photographer Robert Voltaire transcends portraiture and delivers us something we really want: to be captivated.

His images are clean, simple and free from distractions.

“Two keys to a portrait are simplicity and the subject. I prefer models that are comfortable in their own skin and willing to share their bodies and emotions as great actresses do.  Photography is about storytelling and fantasy.”

His images show exactly that.  They tell stories of women from the perspective of a man who respects and admires the female form.

Robert Voltaire has nearly quarter million followers on Instagram and his work includes celebrity models such as Camila Morrone, the current girlfriend and rumored wife-to-be of Leonardo DiCaprio and Francesca Eastwood daughter of actor/director Clint Eastwood.

(Shot in the Maldives by Robert Voltaire.)

Robert Voltaire first came on the scene when for Vogue Magazine he “featured an edgy glimpse of model Brooke Shields in Calvin Klein jeans, a women’s fashion staple equated with sexual freedom” according to a popular fashion encyclopedia.

Later he appeared as himself on the wildly popular The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and as a guest photographer on America’s Next Top Model.

When asked about his inspirations the photographer responds: “I draw from the cinema.  When I am shooting I think cinematically.  Where is she going?  Where is she from?  Sometimes it’s the details.  Where are her hands?  What is her mouth saying?”

He goes on to say, “The texture of the environment or the quality of light falling on her is important.  Sometimes it is a linear detail that inspires me.  Ultimately a photograph can never capture a person’s true beauty.  It is up to the viewer to interpret it.”

His work has taken him on adventures to all corners of the globe.  Aside from his celebrity portraiture he is also known for his heavenly photographs of models and landscapes of the Italian Riviera.

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy,” he says quoting author Guiseppe Verdi.  “My mother is French and in my youth I spend summers in Los Angeles, St. Tropez and on the Amalfi Coast.  For me, Italy has it all: food, culture art and of course some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

Looking at his pictures invites the viewer into a world that makes us feel something that isn’t documented in the photograph, but comes from within us.

You can check out more of Robert Voltaire’s work on his official website: