Meet the winner of 2018’s Portobello Wall Public Art Project


Anastasia Russa is the winner of the 10th Portobello Wall Art Project. Her mural on the theme of Connection is a celebration of the past that shapes our present.

She has depicted characters and events that have left their mark on the area – from a colourful cast of local characters, ghost busses and escaped monkeys to the recent tragedy of Grenfell Tower.

Anastasia has spent the last few months researching the people and tales that define the culture and history of North Kensington.

She says: “People, and the events that affect their lives, are woven into the rich texture and history of this area. I have, like so many before me, brought an outsider’s eye to interpret what it is that makes it a special place – an ever-evolving community that endures through good and bad times.”

Her imagery represents the multi-layering of memories and local folklore that each generation passes to the future. It reflects both what people have brought into the area and the way that it in turn has shaped people and forged a community.