Meghan’s Royal Jewellery Collection Worth 27% Less Than Kate’s


The royals aren’t exactly on a budget when it comes to buying gifts, but who has been spoiled the most? Gifting Experts Find Me A Gift took a look into jewellery gifts received by royal ladies from other members of the family, valued each gift and counted up how many each received to reveal which royal lady has the most expensive jewellery gift collection

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Meghan’s Royal Jewellery Collection Worth 27% Less Than Kate’s

  • Princess Diana received the most expensive piece, a Diamond & Pearl Tiara worth £215,000. She also has the most expensive gift collection overall, valued at £235,600.
  • Kate Middleton has the most pieces of jewellery from her fellow royals, receiving 7 gifts in total. Her total collection of gifts is worth £101,640, the second highest overall.
  • Meghan Markle received the most expensive gift from her other half, a large aquamarine diamond ring worth £75,000.
  • Meghan Markle only received gifts from Prince Harry, whereas Kate Middleton and Princess Diana received gifts from The Queen and Prince Charles.
  • Kate’s royal jewellery collection is worth 27% more than Meghan’s

Experts at Find Me A Gift have valued all royal gifts; the ranking along with a quote from Shaun Powell, CEO at Find Me A Gift, can be found below:

Gifted to Gifted by Gift Estimated value (£)
Princess Diana The Queen Diamond and pearl Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara 215,000
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Large aquamarine and diamond ring 75,000
Kate Middleton Prince Charles White and yellow diamond Art Deco bracelet, earrings and ring 57,000
Kate Middleton Prince William Cartier watch set with a sapphire 32,200
Princess Diana The Queen Heirloom emerald necklace 15,200
The Queen King George Sapphires, rubies, and diamonds 14,000
The Queen Prince Philip Diamond Bracelet 12,000
Princess Diana The Queen Mother Sapphire brooch 5,400
Kate Middleton Prince William Sapphire and diamond earrings 5,200
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Diamond Cartier thumb ring 3,950
Kate Middleton Camilla Parker Bowles Charm bracelet with Camilla’s monogram ‘C’ on one side and Kate’s on the other 2,500
Kate Middleton Prince William Green amethyst earrings 2,200
Kate Middleton Prince William Rose gold Victorian ring set with pearls & garnets 1,340
Kate Middleton Prince William Eternity ring 1,200
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Gold necklace featuring their initials H & M 295


Find Me A Gift then broke down the research to see how many gifts each royal lady received, and how much their total worth was:

Royal Number of gifts Total value of gifts (£)
Princess Diana 3 235,600
Kate Middleton 7 101,640
Meghan Markle 3 79,245
The Queen 2 56,400


Shaun Powell said:

“It’s clear to see who is the most popular daughter-in-law amongst the royal family. Kate not only received gifts from her husband Prince William, but also The Queen and Prince Phillip. Princess Diana received a tiara from the queen as a wedding gift, worth £215,000, along with an heirloom emerald necklace. Meghan hasn’t received any jewellery gifts from the Queen to date, which is very telling. Having recently been named Most Influential Couple in Time Magazine, after their abrupt exit from royal duties, Meghan and Harry will seemingly continue to distance themselves from the royals.”