Lands Residency at LIFT99 Kyiv Hub After YEP Accelerator Success

0, an innovative platform for AI-assisted coding, has just hit a major milestone. They’ve been awarded a residency at the LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, the most vibrant startup community space in Kyiv. This big win comes right after their impressive performance in the YEP Accelerator, a program where resident startups get an opportunity to grow their projects through one-to-one mentorship.

Success at the YEP Accelerator Program

During the YEP Accelerator program, was among the promising Ukrainian and international startups. The company demonstrated exceptional growth and progress. But the pivotal moment for was on Demo Day. It gathered potential investors and industry leaders, all eager to hear what the next big thing in tech might be. The startup stepped up with a presentation, where they shared their vision on how they can shape a future where coding is more efficient, more intuitive, and empowered by AI.

The real win of in the YEP Accelerator program was the invaluable experience gained from direct engagement with leading investors. The feedback they received from prominent figures in the venture capital community helped them fine-tune their strategies.

The Impact of Residency at LIFT99 Kyiv Hub

At LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, joins a vibrant ecosystem of tech pioneers and thought leaders. This environment fosters partnerships and enables them to gain insights from peers committed to pushing the boundaries of technology.

For, this residency is a significant leap forward. With access to LIFT99’s resources and network, they will be able to accelerate development and further their mission: unlock 10x potential in every developer.

Moreover, being at LIFT99 Kyiv Hub enhances’s visibility and impact in the global tech landscape. This step opens doors to new markets and customer segments.

Streamlining Development with’s Innovative Platform

About 90% of coding is repetitive. Yes, you read that right. And setting up infrastructure? That’s a whole other story that eats up days, if not weeks. This is the reality for many developers: they are stuck doing the same coding tasks over and over. is here to address those common challenges. This web-based platform streamlines both front-end and back-end development. It cuts down on hours, days, even weeks of work. That’s ten times more efficiency at your fingertips. This means more time to focus on what matters – your creative, innovative ideas that could change the game.

Its AI assistants are always ready to jump in. Need assistance with code writing? They’ve got you covered. Stuck on SQL queries? No problem – the platform will help you out. And when it’s time to go live, that’s a breeze with’s one-click infrastructure deployment. No more lengthy, complicated setups. Just one click, and you’re out there for the world to see.’s Future Vision, through its journey in the YEP Accelerator program, has shown its resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence. This program was rigorous, demanding, and exactly what needed to sharpen its edge. The mentorship and training provided by the YEP Accelerator have equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for successful fundraising and market entry.

With their residency at LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, is just getting started. As the company continues to grow and expand its offerings, it’s staying true to its vision—to shape the software development landscape where developers are empowered with AI that writes code to innovate more and stress less. With each new feature and update, is bringing us closer to a future where coding is more intuitive and creative.

For more information about and its groundbreaking platform, please visit its website.

About is a Kyiv-based startup co-founded by a team of five experienced developers. The company provides a web-based software development platform that utilizes AI to enhance developer efficiency in building web and mobile applications. By integrating AI that writes code, streamlines the coding process and infrastructure setup, enabling developers to focus on creating innovative solutions.