Milad JT’s New Single Track “Faded Summer” is Out


As we are facing a global pandemic and we hope the situation gets back normal soon, but until then,
he doesn’t want his fans and music lovers to miss out on his music. He wants his fans to keep going and enjoying the present till things finally gets back to normal.

Milad JT has launched all new single track called “Faded Summer”.

Summer is here and but this is not like every summer we enjoyed in the past. It’s without charm and gloomy, we are not able to meet the people we love, plan some trips, enjoy a Cousy restaurant dinner without fear of COVID-19, Celebrating birthday’s and success of our tribe members. A lot has changed, like summer has faded. This was the main Motivation behind the song.

The Song is available on Apple Music and soon to be launched on all the music platform worldwide.

You can listen to his song here: “Faded Summer – Apple Music”

You can follow his official Instagram handle: @miladjt