Millionaire Jack Grummett tells all after prison stint


We delved deep into the life of celebrity, millionaire Jack Grummett aka JackG The Hottest Boy Alive after his stint in prison.

For the first time ever we go behind the scenes, we speak to a Prison Governor, a Court Official, and JackG himself. To get a factual outlook on Jack’s wealth and his incredible lifestyle, to separate the fact from the fiction, the lies from the truth and the fake news from genuine. Jack was released from Prison on December 16th 2019 and on that very day his spectacular comeback began.

He was sentenced to imprisonment on January 29th 2019 for a variety of offences including Fraud, Perverting The Course Of Justice, Harassment, Intent To Supply Class A Drugs, Possession Of A Firearm.

Miraculously Jack only served 11 months for crimes that the majority of the public would of likely got life imprisonment for, it’s clear that money, power and fame gets you favourable treatment with judges.

We did a public data request to Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Range Rover in order to ascertain if Jack Grummett owns the following vehicles in which we all see on his social media, the response was outstanding Jack Grummett has spent approximately £1,250,000 on all his cars and his customisations.

We then did a public data request to Coutts, Jack Grummett’s bank, who confirmed a disposable income of £13,525,000 was currently to available to him, which is significantly less than the £50,000,000 he claimed to have.

We spoke to a governor at HMPS about Jack and his time in prison who has asked to remain anonymous but she said the following “Jack Grummett was an extremely complex and arrogant prisoner, he was well respected by the other men, he used his fame on the outside to exercise his agenda, he had clearly orchestrated going to prison to further his career, he caused us a variety of issues and was running things, he was clearly having fun and in his element”.

After showing court officials who dealt with Jack’s case the articles online at present they only said “We can confirm the articles in circulation at the moment including by the Leicester Mercury are inaccurate”.

Jack told us “I am yours and the world’s Criminal Genius, Criminal Genius the album drops 2020 and Memeulous A Lame Part Two drops later this month, I’m richer, more handsome more healthy, more cocky. Prison was the greatest experience of my entire life and my future so bright”.

Based on the evidence Jack Grummett really does have the money he says and is clearly very smart.