Millions in funding to go to business school entrepreneurs


The John Dobson Foundation, which supports entrepreneurial activities in Canada, is donating $2 million to the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.

The school will use this money to help fund the McGill X-1 Accelerator program, an intensive summer program which accelerates the growth of later-stage McGill start-ups toward investment and launch. This year’s program includes eight McGill science or technology businesses.

Ari Kiriazidis, President of the John Dobson Foundation, says, “The Foundation is delighted to continue Dobson’s long-standing relationship with McGill with what represents one of the largest gifts ever granted by the Foundation’s Board. The Board is extremely proud to be associated with one of the most prestigious universities in Canada through the Dobson Centre and its various programs.”

Randy Kelly, John Dobson’s long-time partner and Chief Executive Officer of Formula Growth, as well as Chairman of the Dobson Foundation, noted, “McGill was always close to John’s heart and he would be very pleased with the continued commitment.”

The donation signals a time of crucial development for the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou of Desautels remarks, “Through the vision and generosity of the John Dobson Foundation, the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is affirmed as the leading hub for entrepreneurship on campus. In classrooms, research labs, and across the University, McGill is full of ideas and talented individuals driven to innovate. Thanks to this donation, the McGill X-1 Accelerator will catalyze our community of innovators and entrepreneurs.”