Minimal Space, Maximum Flavour: How to Host a Winning Summer BBQ

Expert advice on BBQing in apartments, balconies and small gardens.


Expert advice on BBQing in apartments, balconies and small gardens.

Whether you’re left working with a small-sized garden, patio or balcony, summertime can still provide the ideal opportunity to cook and dine al fresco. Think beyond bustling backyards and XXL-sized grills to more petite BBQ gatherings, filled with the same intense flavours and lively atmosphere.

Ahead of the incoming heatwave, we’re showcasing just how to host a winning summer BBQ, no matter the size of your outdoor space. From mini barbecues that pack a flavourful punch to expert food prep, these tips are guaranteed to make your next BBQ a hit.

Pre-Party Food Prep

Prepping whatever bits of food you can a few hours or possibly the evening before your BBQ party really makes a difference.

On the eve of your BBQ, create all your marinades and generously slather them onto your meat cuts, ready for soaking overnight. The longevity of the marinade soak will ensure a great taste once cooked. Then on the day, pre-cook your meat and veg in the oven before adding to the grill for those last 5 minutes. This food prep not only lets you save on time and space, but still delivers that delicious, smoky BBQ flavour.

Organisation Station

Before your guests arrive at your BBQ, divide your space into one allocated area for seating and another for plating up food. A buffet train allows for people to grab whatever they like, whenever they like, whilst doubling up with two identical plates of everything at either side of the train will help avoid queue congestion.

The Small-but-Mighty Grill

For those of us without access to a large outdoor space, accommodating a multi-burner grill with extra added features just isn’t possible. But that’s not to say that some smaller barbecue models don’t also provide the same great flavour as their larger counterparts.

If you’re stuck for space, then try investing in a BBQ that’s not only compact but also portable, that way when you head off on your UK staycation, you’ll easily be able to grill on the go.

Now That’s Amore

While the BBQ remains a solid favourite for outdoor gatherings, the pizza oven is beginning to see a surge in demand and well, it’s no surprise why. Standard pizza ovens are space-saving, portable and serve up delicious and authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in less than 60 seconds, which means less time for cooking and more time for entertaining.

Clean Up is Key

Avoid clutter and rubbish build-up by strategically placing a few refuse bags or bins around your space and encourage your guests to clear up their used plates, cups and unwanted leftovers. Using eco-friendly paper plates and cutlery in place of plastic not only lets you save on the washing up, but also plays a part in helping the environment.

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