Model Anastasia Belotskaya launches her own lingerie brand


Beautiful model, Anastasia Belotskaya, announces the launch of her lingerie store – Skaya LingerieIt is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for women that love to look stunning yet comfortable even in their…

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for women that love to look stunning yet comfortable even in their privacy as fashion model and enthusiast, Anastasia Belotskaya announces the official launch of her lingerie store – Skaya Lingerie. The model has always been an advocate of sexy, elegant looks, using her beauty to promote feminine confidence and independence regardless of the size, shape, or race. Her dedication to women empowerment has been recently reiterated with the launch of her lingerie brand as she aims to broaden her horizon and help women look stunning without having to break the bank.

Anastasia Belotskaya has obviously made her mark in the fashion and beauty industry as one of the most sought-after fashion models. The stunning Anastasia has been able to accomplish a lot in a relatively short while, attracting the attention of major fashion brands in the industry. Outside of the modeling world, Anastasia has shown that beauty without intelligence is close to nothing and has been able to demonstrate her brains and desire to foster the growth of women of all races and classes, using her website to share her reflections on life by regularly posting articles.

The Russian women’s rights activist has recently ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of Skaya Lingerie, exploring more of the swim, lingerie and fitness parts of fashion. Anastasia is looking to cause a somewhat disruption in the industry with the launch of this line by not necessarily competing with the big names, but basically meeting the needs of women worldwide, drawing from her experience as her model.

“My product is affordable. You get the same elegant designs as luxury brands for much cheaper price,” said Belotskaya. Skaya Lingerie – the names from Anastasia’s last name – Belotskaya. “I might take a step name in future.”

The unique combination of affordability, quality, and style stands Skaya Lingerie out from other lingerie lines across the globe, giving women access to sexy underwear pieces that do not require them to pay through their noses.

Anastasia Belotskaya is popular for her sexy appeal and striking poses in underwear, appearing in a plethora of advertisement campaigns and magazine covers such as Cover Girl, Maxim, and FHM. She has become a known figure on the internet with an amazing popularity with bloggers and a strong presence on social media platforms.