Modern Kitchen Design Tips


Contemporary kitchens are very different from traditional ones. Although there are some very distinctive styles of kitchen you could opt for, modern ones often have similar design cues that are there to make them more sociable places as well as more practical to cook in. If you are considering having a new kitchen fitted, then make sure you focus on a great design before you rip anything out. It is so much better to turn to expert kitchen designers to make sure you have all aspects of the plan worked out before work starts. What are the top tips that contemporary kitchen designers are likely to recommend?

      • A Minimalist Colour Scheme

Not everyone likes minimalist design and it does not work in every kind of home. That said, a muted colour palette is something that is very trendy and will make your kitchen look thoroughly modern. In fact, white or cream kitchen units backed up with simple, plain tiles for your splashbacks will do the job very well. If you do want a colour contrast in your kitchen, then opt for a bold tone for your worktops. Alternatively, light grey marbling works very well in a modern setting, too.

      • Matt Cabinet Finishes

If you turn the clock back even a couple of years, then old kitchen designs were all about high-gloss finishes. You could see this with floor tiling and reflective surfaces on cabinet doors and so on. This is not the case with up-to-the-minute kitchen designs any more, however. These days, matt kitchen cabinets are very much more fashionable. If you think that matt finishes may make your kitchen look a little drab, then you can make the most of the natural light you enjoy with some polished mirror splashbacks.

      • Eye-Level Appliances

Ovens that you need to bend down to put things in have been the mainstay of kitchens for years. Many kitchen designs have them fitted beneath the hob. However, there is no good reason for this sort of layout and many contemporary kitchen designers will place a microwave and an oven away from the main working areas of a kitchen at eye level. This means it is easier to keep a watch on your baking or roasting without getting hemmed in with your other cooking activities.

      • A Friendly Space

Kitchens are no longer places to just cook in. Modern kitchens are rooms to entertain and to enjoy social times with friends and family. Unless you have the chance to connect your kitchen to your dining room with a remodelling project, you will have to make the most of the space you have available to make your kitchen more sociable. This might be something as simple as including a breakfast bar with a few stools underneath. With this approach, you can change mode easily and turn it into a cocktail bar at night. Kitchen islands that double as bars are a very good way of making an extra zone in your kitchen that is dedicated to entertaining. Remember that a good lighting design – one that can be adjusted when you have friends round – is a modern idea you can incorporate, too. Under-cabinet LED lighting systems are perfect for this, especially those which have a colour changing capability.