Moggy Modules make home schooling pawsome


Cats Protection comes to the rescue of parents struggling to make home schooling fun, with the Moggy Modules; five pawsome new free learning tools to keep kids happy and engaged.

Each of the online resource packs includes cat-themed worksheets, quizzes, creative writing exercises, feline facts, recipes and other fun learning activities linked to one of the five cat welfare needs; a place to live, behaviour, the right diet, good healthcare and space.

The packs have been created by Cats Protection’s educational experts to help young learners discover more about our feline friends and their welfare needs, with age-appropriate learning tools for children aged five-seven and seven-11.

Moggy Modules are free to download:

On completing #TheMoggyModules, children can download and print a colour certificate to celebrate their knowledge of the five cat welfare needs.

The Moggy Modules support Cats Protection’s call for animal welfare to be included as a mainstream topic in the National Curriculum to give children a basic understanding of how to respect and care for animals.

Shelley Brown, Cats Protection’s Education Team Manager, said: “Children learn best and stay focused longer if they enjoy what they are doing. Home schooling can be fun for families.

“Our Moggy Modules are designed to give parents a helping hand, while teaching children about better animal welfare and encouraging them to be better stewards of our environment for years to come.”

A social media campaign will encourage parents to share their stories, photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #TheMoggyModules hashtag.

Cats Protection’s learning library has additional video resources: