More Londoners enjoy the city’s new ‘eco-friendly’ casinos


With the climate emergency making headlines, businesses across the country are doing more than ever to become greener and more sustainable, and casinos are no exception. Venues aim to cut down on electricity, reduce waste and use more eco-friendly materials, but the reality is that land-based casinos can’t beat the city’s new, rising stars: The online casinos. Since the games can be accessed from home, there is no need for transport, less waste and it’s cheaper for the players. 

There are many reasons to become more conscious of the environment. Not only does climate change harm livelihoods and natural habitats, but the damage is also likely to affect UK’s economy in severe ways. It’s therefore worth checking that the casinos we visit are eco-friendly. 

Finding the right casino has become easier

If you, like many other Londoners, are considering giving online casinos a go to reduce your carbon footprint, then you must do your research. The so-called ‘online casino’ consists of many different sites and companies and Londoners have a wealth of options to choose from. While that’s great, it’s also important to ensure that you pick the most ethical ones. Yggdrasil casino has reviews of the best UK casinos where you can research what games each casino offers, whether they have free spins and bonuses, and see which one offers the best returns overall. 

More casinos write about their commitments and values 

As with most companies, online casinos provide information about themselves and their commitments in their ‘about us’ section and throughout their website. This is a good place to get a quick overview of them as a company. Many will also outline their commitments to safe, responsible gambling. So, by choosing an online casino it can be easier to get a sense of the company’s ethos and make an informed decision before you start throwing yourself into a new gambling adventure. 

The benefits of online casinos

Aside from the environmental benefits, online casinos are simply a great way to entertain yourself during your time at home. It requires determination and research and by choosing skill-based games, you can even improve your ability to make decisions and stand your ground in the face of uncertain odds. This is particularly beneficial if you work in a corporate job where you engage in difficult negotiations with partners or colleagues. Casino games like poker teach you how to navigate the tricky balance between taking risks and playing it safe – and by doing it online, it’s both cheaper and better for the environment. It’s a win-win. 

Gambling in Great Britain at a glance

Overall, Great Britain saw a sharp increase in gambling activities during the pandemic and it is generally believed that approximately 32.2 % gamble every week. Due to the national lockdowns, many of these players discovered the benefits of online gambling and a large proportion will likely keep playing online rather than visiting land-based casinos – and that can only be a good thing.