Morgan Christie: A Hoop Dreams Author Supporting Gender Equality in Boolean Logic


From the days of youth, most of us harbor aspirations of greatness. We strive for this greatness and to accomplish feats yet unmatched. For Morgan Christie, one of her deepest passions was rooted in the world of sports, specifically basketball. From a young age, her love for the game was evident, and it became an integral part of her life.

Christie’s basketball journey officially began at the age of six, though her exposure to the game was noted long before then. She embraced the sport with a fervor that left no room for doubt – she was meant to be on the court. Her determination to make her father proud was a driving force behind her commitment to the game. After all, her father had been a professional basketball player who had even competed overseas. Her mother, too, was no stranger to the court, having been a starter on her high school basketball team. One might argue that basketball was ingrained into Christie’s genes.

As she progressed through her basketball career, Christie’s skills on the court became more refined. However, her path to playing in college was marred by injuries and complications on the court. While a professional level athletic career may not have come to fruition, Christie decided to put her experiences and passion for the game into her writing.

Christie’s deep connection to the world of basketball was noticeable in her extensive knowledge of the sport. She was, in a sense, a basketball theologian, with the ability to dissect the game’s nuances and history. As she shifted her focus to writing, her experiences in the world of basketball evolved into a perspective that highlights some of the most overlooked issues in women’s sports.

Now, this former basketball player turned author has recently released her full collection of autobiographical essays, titled Boolean Logic. This collection explores a myriad of themes, including social awareness, racial injustices and discrimination, political viewpoints, gender inequality, and, of course, sports.

Within Boolean Logic, Christie’s sports-related essays, such as “Sewing Dresses,” “Tapestries,” “Goodfellas,” “Like Mike,” and “ISO,” stand out as they detail her personal experiences on and off the basketball court. Her essay “Sewing Dresses,” for instance, shines a spotlight on the gender inequalities that persist in women’s sports, a topic that is increasingly gaining attention and awareness.

Moreover, her words serve as an invitation for aspiring basketball players to take heed of the wisdom and advice embedded in each piece.

As we reflect on the larger issue of gender inequality in sports, it is apparent that there is still much work to be done. According to statistics and reports from various outlets, women continue to face disparities in areas such as pay, media coverage, and opportunities in the sports world. Christie’s work in Boolean Logic brings awareness to these issues and reminds us of the importance of addressing them more often.

In a world where athletes are frequently lauded for their physical abilities, Christie serves as an author who employs her personal experiences on the basketball court to bring attention to broader societal concerns. Through Boolean Logic, she provides readers with an opportunity to step into her basketball shoes, encouraging all of us to examine more closely the enduring disparities in women’s sports, and elsewhere.

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