Most Popular Gambling Games in the UK


In total, you will find more than 100 casinos in the United Kingdom where players spend more than £5 billion a year gambling, both online and at land-based casinos. £2 million of these was spent on online slot machine. Although this might indicate that slot machines are the type of games that UK players would prefer, there are far more games that also gain their interest. This can be clearly indicated from data provided by the UK Gambling Commission that report which casino games are played the most within the UK.


Known as one of the most popular card games worldwide, thousands of people play poker wither at land-based casinos or online. Being the traditional poker game, it is very easy to play by dealing two cards and then the dealer deals his very own hand. The cards are then all combined to attempt to make the best hand possible.


Known as one of the oldest casino games, blackjack is very easy to play and popular worldwide. The players are dealt cards with the main aim being to get the closest to the number twenty-one using the values of the cards. One must beat the dealer to win. The ace card counts as 1 or 11.


There are two types of Roulette, European and American. The American game is mostly common within the UK. A wheel is spun, and a ball needs to land in one of the pockets. Luck and a betting strategy is required to win at this game. One can bet on a color, a number range, or on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.


Slots are known as a great way to enjoy casino gaming without having to play for high stakes. One can find different slot machines all with their individual theme and style, but all having the same principle. By simply matching symbols on the reels, players can gain bonuses and win jackpots.


If you notice a dice game at a casino, it is probably Craps. In this game, players need to bet on the outcome of the dice after being rolled. Players need to place chips on different sections of the table to place their bets. Although it might seem confusing at first, you will surely get the hang of it by time and find it to be a very exciting game.


Famous by fictional James Bond who played the game in Monte Carlo in the books and films, in this game players need to take turn to play the role of the dealer. You will need to have a mix of skill, luck and strategy. You will find a number of different variations of Baccarat, however you will mostly find Punto Banco at UK casinos.

Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos tend to operate depending on the supply and demand, just like any other business. Therefore, the amount of gaming machines and table games available determine which games are mostly popular. The below indicates how many tables are available within the UK for each game. You will notice how electronic games dominate. Such games include slot, video poker and video roulette machines.

Poker 250+
Roulette 850+
Blackjack 550+
Dice 20+
Electronic Games 4000+
Other 100+


Revenue & Profits

In the below table how much money is exchanged for tokens at land-based casinos is analyzed. This will conclude the revenue one game makes for the house, including any chip that was not spent.

Poker £280+ million
Roulette £2.5+ billion
Blackjack £750+ million
Dice £15+ million
Electronic Games £1.2+ billion
Other £33+ million


The United Kingdom Gambling Commission does not report revenue and profit for online casinos worldwide as those at MrCasinova, which is done for every land-based casino. However, it is established that gamblers within the UK wager more than £5.6 billion a year at online casinos, with £2 billion of those being spent on slot machines alone. This gives a clear indication that casino games make up a substantial amount of the above numbers. One can also predict that slots are the most played game in the UK given that most UK casino sites include more video slots than other games. The online gambling industry has grown 3% year on year, whereas the number of games listed at land-based casino has substantially decreased.


Although it is not clear how much revenue roulette brings in for the online gambling industry, when it comes to land-based casinos, roulette surely generate the most and creates most profit for the casino. This is not a surprise given that the game is fun to play, very fast-paced, easy to get the hang of and can be sociable when played at a live casino. A player might not get rich fast playing this casino game, however if one implements effective roulette strategies, winnings can surely increase fast.