MP Caroline Flint Discovers the Sheer Joy of Bouncing…


Westminster MP Caroline Flint has a spring in her step this January – thanks to a healthy Christmas present from her husband.

The MP for Don Valley was thrilled to unwrap a Boogie Bounce mini trampoline on Christmas morning.

Caroline, 56, mum to three grown up children, is now improving her fitness by starting each Parliamentary day with an obligatory bounce.

The Labour MP admits the gift wasn’t a complete surprise. “I’d read an article on Boogie Bounce and thought it sounded great – a mixture of cardio and dance which I’ve always loved – that I could do at home.”

“As I work long hours and split my time between Doncaster and London it can be difficult to fit in going to a gym or fitness classes on a regular basis.

“So I asked Phil if he could buy me this for Christmas. I think he was relieved I had something in mind as I’m not a great person to buy presents for.

“The trampoline is in my London flat so I can use it whenever I have a spare few minutes,” says Caroline, who has held the same seat for 20 years.

“It’s very easy to set up, doesn’t take up too much room, and is light and easy to move around. Fortunately, my flat is on the ground floor so I’m not bouncing above somebody’s head which would probably annoy them!

“The T-bar handle is really helpful and gives you confidence. The music and routines on the accompanying home kit DVD are great. I’m pretty flexible as I used to dance when I was younger,” she adds.