Music always comes first: An Interview With Ethan Gontar


Ethan Gontar is an Israel-based musician, composer, producer, and a singer-songwriter.
We’ve been trusting that Ethan will enlighten us additional regarding his work strategies, what moves him, his opinion on thoughts, and whether he jumps at the chance to work alone or in a gathering for quite a while. We visited with Ethan for some time and got to hear some interesting things from him.

What prompted you to begin playing and producing music?

Certain individuals don’t understand they have a gift till further down the road. That is okay. There are likewise some that uncover nothing by any means. Mine was found when I was six years of age. My mom plays the piano, and my grand-dad, who is no longer with us, used to play the accordion.

It all started thanks to my mom.  Throughout the long term, I started playing on piano, then guitar, drums, and, surprisingly, a harmonica.

My father first showed me his disc collection when I was six years old. At the age of 6, I got the opportunity to be familiar with different types of music. I really wanted to get the true taste of everything.

Describe the steps you use while writing new music.

I’ve spent my entire life creating and composing tunes. I suppose it’s a matter of seasons and emotions. Normally, I write the music first and then integrate the text. WILDEST DREAMS was written and composed in partnership with Shay Vagner, another Israeli musician and close friend. We agreed to give this one all of our strength. We didn’t want to make a video clip for it at first, but the song turned out so perfectly for us that we decided it was difficult not to reveal the narrative behind it, and even more importantly, to watch us play it. That’s how I prefer to sit in front the beach, and it’s where I receive a lot of my inspiration. Working on music is something I like to do alone or with my dear buddy Shay Vagner. However, it all depends on mood.

What do you generally do when you are not create music?

I surf and make videos. I run a private production firm, and I deal with it frequently. I create ads, promotional videos, and commercials with Voice Over. Music is, without a doubt, always first and foremost.

What is your next wish for yourself?

First and foremost, I hope for my own and everyone else’s health, as well as that we continue treating music with the reverence that it deserves. Music is something that has always been and will continue to be a source of comfort for us. I intend to write more new songs in a variety of genres, collaborate with more intriguing people, and improve the videos we’ll make for these songs.

Well, that’s all we have now. Come listen to Ethan Gontar’s third song if you haven’t already!

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