Mustafa Hussain Talks Staying Positive in a COVID-19 World


The information age has ensured that our daily lives are filled to the brim with a deluge of negativity. The global pandemic crisis may be the biggest reason for this, but it is far from the only one.

An average American has seen it all in 2020 – with each month of the year came a new problem and more chaos, and naturally, the internet community focused (and is focusing) on them for the most part. Research tells us that a majority of American adults get their news on social media, and also that exposure to negative content online can cause anxiety, mood disorders and various other mental health issues.

Positive content, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite; it can lift one’s mood, help improve mental health and inspire more good.

Uplifting social media stories that spread positivity are thus the need of the hour. And people who are responsible for such news like Fred Rogers, Keanu Reeves, Bob Ross, John Cena are rare, but not non-existent. There is still hope.

Take the case of Mustafa Hussain, an up-and-coming Youtuber.

The 24-year old Pakistani-American influencer’s small acts of kindness like paying for strangers’ groceries on Thanksgiving or giving chocolate bars attached with cute notes to random strangers became viral not only because they were uplifting, but because they sent an important message – that Muslims are a generous, peace-loving people who can be the pillars of their community.

The young man rose to fame on several other social media too. Garnering more than twenty million views, his videos have earned him not less than a half a million fans all over the world who now look forward to his acts of giving on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, 9Gag, etc.

His namesake YouTube channel which he began in 2015 is now thriving with more than a hundred thousand subscribers and upwards of eleven million views. Many global brands including Hershey’s have collaborated with the young star in projects designed to spread joy and positivity. The candy giant featured Mustafa in an advertisement that was showcased on their social media. In 2019, they again teamed up with Mustafa in a national TV commercial for their ‘Heartwarming the World’ campaign.

Even as he basks in success and fame, Mustafa remains grounded. His goal remains the same: to give, to uplift, and to spread happiness in ways that change world perceptions on Muslims for the better. His videos have reflected his lofty ambitions. “Giving Eid Gifts to Strangers,” “Giving The Homeless a Makeover for Eid” and “Giving Out Food During Ramadan in NYC” are some of his famous videos where he creates moments of sheer joy and wholesomeness.

Mustafa has bigger plans than just a social media presence to achieve his goal. He plans on launching his own Muslim entertainment network, through which he will create dedicated content shedding light on the true spirit of Muslims – peace and generosity.

When asked how he stays positive in times like this with the COVID-19 pandemic, Mustafa said that we have to remind ourselves about all the good we have in our lives. “We have to realize that although this is a difficult time, it won’t last forever and we will overcome it” Hussain said.

The world needs more stories from Mustafa, and you can help by supporting him across his social media and sharing his acts with your friends and family. Start now, let’s together make the world a better place!

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