Nathan Hector to make return in The Intent 2


He is having one of his most successful years so far and there is no stopping him!

Actor Nathan Hector today took to Twitter to tell his 6,600 strong followers that he has bagged a role in the sequel of The Intent.

In a candid tweet he shared: “Officially confirmed.
The Intent 2, 2018!
Thank you Lord. ❤️”

The premise of the first film was centred around an undercover police officer finds his loyalties tested as the gang he’s grown attached to becomes increasingly violent.

Hector speaking to London Post exclusively this evening told us “Being cast again is amazing, for the team to bring my character back and trust me for a second time is a blessing. I’m super excited to get back onto set and filming again!”

Hector who is also a host is one of London’s leading rising stars in the entertainment industry.