Nathan Winch net worth, business and profile


Estimated net worth: £5.6 million

Nathan Winch is a serial entrepreneur based in Leeds, UK. He made his first big win when he sold his pharmaceutical and consumer products business, WinchPharma, to Byotrol plc back in March 2017 for £114,000. Since then, he has founded a number of start-ups that he has since sold, before moving into the private equity space with his investment firm, Winch & Co.

Nathan Winch is estimated to have a net worth of £5.5million, mainly from his shares in the Winch & Co groupof companies, as well as his residential and commercial property portfolio in the UK, predominantly in the North East of England. This excludes any personal assets that are not publicly available.

Nathan’s primary business interest is his private equity firm, Winch & Co. With investments in a number of asset classes with the majority of its holdings as 100% ownership of various UK-based companies. These companies are primarily in the haulage and logistics sector, following an investment mandate set out by Winch & Co back in 2021 as shown in their year-end review. Since then, the company has made several, key acquisitions in the transport and industrial spaceincluding Eclipse Distribution Solutions headquartered in Loughborough and Dedicated Transport Solutionsbased in its international freight terminal in Cramlington.

The Winch & Co group employs around 120 people across the 4 companies it wholly owns, mainly in transport and logistics most likely comprised largely of full-time drivers for its fleet, understood to be around 90articulated vehicles based on information from press releases, worth an estimated £2 million. As with most companies in the haulage space, there will be finance against the fleet. This has been subtracted from Nathan Winch’s net worth calculation.

Nathan Winch also operates social media channels where he regularly updates on his business dealings, however, the validity of the information given cannot be fully verified, but mostly falls in line with trusted financial information that is readily available with some small exaggerations. Given the size of the group, Winch & Co is expected to start filing audited accounts from 2023, this was also highlighted by Nathan on a recent blog post on his website.

From what we can see, Nathan doesn’t pay himself a salary. Most likely collecting dividend and capital gains income from his investments. He won’t be making it onto the Sunday Times Rich List any time soon!