Netflix launch free dating event for UK singles, for new season of TOO HOT TO HANDLE


Following the success of Season 1, Netflix’s steamy reality dating show Too Hot To Handle is back and hotter than ever. To celebrate the new season starting on 23rd June, Netflix is creating a beach paradise inspired by the show, designed to help reacquaint Brits with the world of real life dating.

On 21st June restrictions are set to be lifted across the UK and single people and those dating solely online have the opportunity to finally re-enter the world of physical, IRL dating, with the Too Hot To Handle: Date Night throwing its guests back into the delights of dating.

Mirroring the twist in the hit show, the Too Hot To Handle: Date Night in London will call for attendees to look beyond physical attraction to encourage more meaningful connections, something many have missed following 18 months of lockdowns and abstinence.

Once attendees make initial connections with fellow singles, they will be joined on their dates by Too Hot To Handle’s A.I. romance guru ‘Lana’, not only offering tips to re-hone their dating techniques but also encouraging participants to abstain from physical contact and focus on meaningful emotional connections.

Single people can apply on their own, or with a friend for a chance of a group date. If selected, singles will be matched up by Owen. Alternatively, couples who have started dating online during lockdown can apply to see if the romance is alive offline. Those who are selected will be invited to date in a tropical holiday setting, and test their chemistry through challenges and pep talks from ‘Lana’.

Before the night ends, guests will be invited to a VIP beach bar – whether they found love, or just lust, this time!

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