MORE VOTERS back the Government’s Rwanda scheme than oppose it, a new poll reveals tonight.

The People Polling poll for GB News found 40% support the scheme and 32% oppose it. The poll also found that 71% of Conservatives are in support of the policy.
The results come as the Supreme Court prepares to rule on whether the Government can go ahead with its plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

That decision could have far-reaching ramifications for the Prime Minister. But other findings in People Polling’s poll indicate the problems for Mr Sunak are mounting.
Their poll of 1,581 voters* – conducted after a reshuffle which saw Suella Braverman sacked and David Cameron made Foreign Secretary – reveals:

– Only 21% back Cameron’s return to Cabinet and only 37% of those who voted Conservative in 2019 support the decision to bring him back.
– A majority of all voters – 51% – approve of him sacking Braverman. But only a minority of 2019 Conservative voters support the decision to axe her.
– The Conservative vote is down to 19%, and Labour is at 49% leaving them cruising towards a “commanding” majority at the next Election.
– Only 11% of voters think the Conservative Party “understands the concerns of people like me” – while only 27% of 2019 Conservative voters do.

Commenting, Professor Matthew Goodwin from People Polling, said: “What these results show is that, while a majority of people think Rishi Sunak was right to sack Suella Braverman, only a minority of 2019 Conservatives do, which suggests that Rishi Sunak is not in touch with the voters he needs to win back.
“If you also look at the question on Rwanda, ahead of the crucial judgment on Rwanda, more voters back the Rwanda scheme than oppose it. And large majorities of 2019 Conservatives do, underlining how much they support this policy and how much they want to see a dramatic change on the Rwanda policy.
“In terms of the positioning of the parties, we have the Conservatives on just 19%. We have the Labour Party once again holding a commanding lead which is more than enough than what it requires to win a majority of the next election.
“It appears that Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party remain in a position of dominance while Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives remain way behind in the national polling.
“One of Rishi Sunak’s next key problems is that he’s only attracting around half of the people who voted Conservative in 2019. And on the Conservative Party, only 11% of all voters nationally think the Conservative Party understands the concerns of people like them. This is only about one in 10 voters – which shows just how out of touch the party’s become.
“And crucially, only 27% of conservative voters think the party understands the concerns of people like them, once again reflecting the enormous philosophical and ideological dilemma that the Conservative Party is in today.”