New strains 2021 | Cannabis seeds for your collection


The cannabis seeds collection is a constantly innovating sphere. Every year new varieties come out, offering different sensations from the other kinds we already know. Although it seems as if everything has already been invented or discovered, new varieties are constantly appearing. We review them below.

In terms of feminised seeds, two new types stand out:  Royal Runtz and Wedding Crasher. With particular reference to the first, which has the highest THC percentage (27%) of the new varieties, and which stands out for coming from two of the strongest ratoon crops on the planet: Gelato and Zkittlez.

This luxury variety comes from the United States and will have a very relaxing effect on your body. Those who’ve already tried it emphasise the level of tranquility it causes and the taste it leaves on your taste buds. It’s advisable to go slowly, especially if your body is not used to it, as it has a very high THC level.

Royal Runtz, relaxing and very strong

Royal Runtz is the perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics. Regarding its cultivation, it’s of medium size and for both interior and exterior. The result is excellent, regardless of the environment it’s planted in. It doesn’t exceed a metre in height and won’t take up too much space.

For those who don’t want a large plant, but something smaller with quick return, there are five autoflowering varieties new to 2021: Do-si-dos: Mimosa, Watermelon, Sherbet Queen and the Purple Punch Automatic. The latter is especially striking due to its purple colour and great smell. This is the autoflowering version of the popular Purple Punch.

Like its older brother, it stands out for its sweet flavour and level of relaxation. The innovation is that now it can have yield in a record time thanks to genetics. It is mostly indica (75%) and has a mild flavour, of berries and sweets. Its THC level is 19% and therefore its effect continues to be very powerful.

Mild and with sweet flavours: Purple Punch

In the Royal Queen Seed shop you can also find regular plants, they are very resistant and offer a good return. And, of course, this year also has novelties. If you’re looking for performance and production, the jewels in the crown will be Critical Regular, Shinin Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, White Widow or Skunk XL. They’re all perfect if you have space.

You can also choose Cannabidiol, which is a kind of brother to THC but doesn’t share its psychoactive properties. It doesn’t go to your head so much, but it influences the body in other ways and benefits wellbeing. As novelties, it’s worth mentioning the Royal CBDV and the Royal CBG, two light plants which will meet your expectations.

Each year novelties arise in the world of cannabis seed collection. These are the main novelties which 2021 leaves us with, increasing these plants’ benefits and reducing their deficiencies. Some of them will make people talk, so don’t miss out!