NHS Doctor Launches London Fundraising Platform, Feeding NHS Workers and Supporting Independent Food Businesses


As a response to the NHS facing unprecedented challenges in the face of Covid-19, London-based A&E doctor Jack Manley has launched DeliverAid – raising public donations to feed our frontline NHS heroes as they put their lives on the line to protect ours.

Less than 24 hours after being drafted into the fight against Coronavirus, Jack was flooded by offers of home-cooked meals, food deliveries and offers of accommodation nearer his hospital from generous family and friends.

At the same time, with many cafés, restaurants, and caterers being forced to close their doors, the DeliverAid team saw a way to support struggling food businesses, allowing them to remain active and leverage their skill and supply chains. The nourishing food they prepare will go directly to frontline heroes – the receptionists, ambulance drivers, cleaners, nurses and doctors who are working so hard on all of our behalfs.

Driven by a mission to engage struggling chefs and kitchen staff that want to help NHS workers, Jack approached creative technology agency, Rehab, to help develop a fundraising platform that enables the general public to donate home-cooked meals prepared by independent food businesses for frontline NHS staff.

While the public does their part by staying at home, DeliverAid enables them to also do something heroic: sending direct support and thanks to NHS staff while helping the local food businesses in the process.

Jack Manley, Founder of DeliverAid, says: “As an NHS doctor working across London hospitals, I have seen firsthand how hard the NHS is working to help as many people as possible. I’ve also seen an increasingly large number of local food businesses struggling in these uncertain times. I wanted to connect the dots and create a charitable platform that allowed people to do good on both fronts.”

The small but dedicated DeliverAid HQ team also includes Charlotte Butter, Aled John, William Akman and Clare Aitken. Creative technology agency Rehab, led by Rob Bennett, have generously lent their considerable skill and energy to create DeliverAid’s fundraising platform, as part of Rehab’s ongoing ‘HackWeek’ programme where each month the agency sets aside a week to find creative solutions to pertinent societal issues. Each hack focuses on a topic the team feels passionately about and utilises Rehab’s diverse skills and expertise as creative technologists, using the same lean creative process, called ‘Triage’ that the business employs on its client work.