Nimble now stocked in Boots stores across the UK


Nimble, the UK’s first and only range of child-friendly household cleaning products powered by plant-based ingredients will, from 28th May, be stocked in Boots stores across the UK.

Initially Nimble’s two top selling products Nimble Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner and Nimble Sticky Stopper Antibacterial Cleaner will be available instore with the full range available online.

Nimble has been featured in the BBC’s ‘The customer is always right’ – winning best product – Nimble was also the highest scored business among 45 participants of the programme. Nimble is also featured in the new royal baby book “Our Royal Baby”, written by Royal Commentator and HRH The Prince of Wales biographer, Robert Jobson and published by St. James’s House.

Founder Von Sy, spent ten years working as a chemist for one the world’s leading consumer products companies when his first niece was born. Looking into the ingredients in some of his niece’s cleaning products, he was shocked by how harsh those chemicals were.

More often than not, these products are made with petroleum-based chemicals that have been heavily modified to deliver incremental improvements in lab tests. Von decided he wanted to make safe, child-friendly cleaning products powered by plant-based ingredients that are handpicked to match the things that need cleaning, free from harsh chemicals; and that’s where the idea for Nimble came from.

Nimble believes that cleaning products around the house don’t need to be overly formulated with heavy duty industrial ingredients that are potentially harmful and toxic – especially for young children.

So Nimble is on a mission to unleash clean using plant-based products which let babies grow, learn and play in safe environments.