Nnajiugo Nwosu on the Skills He Acquired as an Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur is not a clear-cut path, but Nnajiugo Nwosu, the Senior VP of Chamco Projects, is not one to stay idle.

“I always believed anybody can do anything, and if I saw models of success around the world, I’ve always believed that I could do the same.”

“All it takes is the application of myself and making sure that I am really good at whatever it is that I decide to do.”

The US based entrepreneur has had experience working in many different sectors throughout his career. From working with aerospace company, Boeing, as an Information Technology Specialist (and a new graduate), to working within the healthcare industry, Nwosu says his experiences all contributed to his success in entrepreneurship.

“Being an entrepreneur is what I always wanted, but how to achieve that goal was never scripted,” says Nwosu.

“I always believed the doors would open in some way.” This positive mindset gave Nwosu the skills to endure and succeed as an entrepreneur.

After his time with Boeing, Nwosu began working with the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC). Later he would begin commodities trading, and eventually he would get started in the tech space. Throughout these many experiences, Nnajiugo Nwosu says he built a diverse skill set.

One of the skills Nnajiugo says he acquired is learning how to build a team, and also how to build a network of like-minded individuals that could support him on his entrepreneurial journey.

“Building such a team requires time – you really have to give it your time because at the core of it is trust, and it takes time to build trust.”

Nwosu says he had to come to terms with the fact that people come and go, and that rule goes for both friends and colleagues.

“Just because I started the journey of life with a certain set of people, does not mean we have to follow each other for all our lives.”

When we asked Nnajiugo Nwosu about the skills he acquired as an entrepreneur that he wouldn’t have otherwise gained from a conventional career path, he responded with: “Wisdom.”

Nnajiugo Nwosu says that while wisdom is a general term, it has an important meaning because it encompasses trust and navigating the world of business.

By becoming an entrepreneur, Nwosu says he was able to cultivate a better understanding of people.

“It is also about understanding people without them even saying a word. It’s about understanding the signs that they are putting out,” says Nwosu.

Aside from a better understanding of people and the hard skills Nwosu gained as an entrepreneur, he says that he also developed rigor and doggedness in the pursuit of his vision.

He says he was able to build a thicker skin even when people didn’t believe in his ability as an entrepreneur.

“In the process of becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve encountered disappointments from friends, strangers and family to the point where I had 90 to 95 percent of people that didn’t believe I could succeed as an entrepreneur.”

Nevertheless, Nnajiugo keeps scaling the heights, using the valuable connections in the Los Angeles Silicon beach area and beyond, as well as his own doggedness and rigor, to consolidate his entrepreneurial vision.