Notting Hill Carnival sees 300 arrests over the Bank Holiday Weekend


As the aftermath of yet another Notting Hill Carnival is upon us, the clean up operation begins.

As for the Metropolitan Police, The policing operation continues.

There have been a total of 313 arrests at Notting Hill Carnival across both days with 122 on Sunday and 191 on Monday.

The breakdown of arrests on Monday are as follows:

12 x assault on police
1 x drink drive
5 x criminal damage
22 x public order offences
50 x offensive weapon or pointed or bladed article
5 x theft
58 x drugs offences
6 x sexual offences
5 x GBH
6 x ABH and Common assault
2 x psychoactive drugs offences
19 x other offences

A total of 28 officers have received injuries across both days.