THEN AND NOW: A look at Amy Christophers’ transformation


by Matt Martino

It’s hard to believe it’s only three years ago since we saw our fav sports presenter Amy Christophers, gracing the pages of the Top Lads mags!

Posing in next to nothing and sharing her snaps of her cheeky shoots during her 10 year glamour modelling career. Under her model name Brandy Brewer she won pageants and titles including Loaded’s Rear of the year!

Amy smashed all of her goals she set herself in modelling including every glamour girls dream – Page 3.

The ex model last night shocked her 98,000 followers on twitter by tweeting “It’s surprising how many brain cells you lose over 10 years taking your clothes off for a living – the only writing I did was my signature” – which Amy claims is a fact “use it or lose it” 

She says “growing up I was smart and a bit of a nerd, but during my model days I got lazy and my brain certainly suffered from the lack of mental stimulation

Well Ms Christophers is certainly not lacking in mental stimulation now. You would never think she was the same girl, Amy has changed so much over the last three years and we’ve loved watching her make the shift from cute glamour girl to smart, sophisticated and smoking sports woman.

From only writing her name, to now writing sports articles and online blogs for the biggest publications in the game.

Just shows what you can achieve, when you work hard.

You go girl!