Oli London becomes worlds first K-Pop artist to feature Trans Woman in Music Video


British K-Pop star, Oli London has become the worlds first K-Pop artist to feature a trans-woman in his new music video. The London and Las Vegas based singer, who has had two top 10 hits in the iTunes K-Pop chart is most famous for his appearances on U.S. TV shows Dr. Phil, E! Botched and Daily Mail TV as well as British channel Barcroft TV and Today Show Australia. He is also well known for his relationship with Celebrity Big Brother star Frenchy Morgan.

The lyrics for his latest single Mirror Mirror, sung in both Korean and English feature a strong message about online haters and trolls that target young people, particularly LGBTQI+ people on the internet.

The chorus ‘Mirror Mirror’ focuses on the notion that these ‘haters’ should turn the mirror on themselves and see their own reflection.

Everyone has the power to choose their own reflection, to choose who they want to be. So by turning the mirror on themselves they are given a choice to change their attitude and be more positive, accepting of others or continue judging others and seeing an unhappy reflection of themselves.

Oli, who is Europe’s first male K-Pop artist felt that it was very important to feature a trans-woman and LGBTQI+ people in his new music video to send a strong message to the world and in particular to the K-Pop world where LGBTQI people are sidelined and never given the opportunity to express themselves and be open.

He said ‘For me, music has no boundaries and everyone has the right to express themselves through music regardless of sexuality, gender or any other factors. I wanted to break the norm and break the stigma with Kpop and celebrate trans women and LGBTQI+ so in my new music video Jessica James, who is a prominent UK trans activist, singer and actress features in a scene’.

Korea and Korean culture, while being very rich and diverse in many ways, is particularly conservative and does not accept openly LGBTQI + and trans people so, Oli hopes that through his new video the K-Pop community can become more accepting and open with trans women and the LGBTQI+ community and celebrate and embrace the enormous contribution and value they add to the world.

The British singer had over 1.2 million views on his debut single Perfection and has had 2 top 10 hits and a top 40 single on iTunes.

Mirror Mirror is available across all platforms March 1st 2020 and is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

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